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Purple Haze

Purple Haze





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Strain Name: Purple Haze

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid mainly Sativa (rumored to be a Thai/Colombian Haze crossed with an early Dutch Skunk.

Looks: Vivid purple with bright green leaves and an ample coating of bright orange hairs.

Smell: Extremely Aromatic with smells ranging from heady inscense to a woodsy, almost Sandlewood aroma, to a deeply earthy Haze undertone. Very satisfying olefactry experience indeed.

Taste: The most “Purple” taste of any medicine I’ve ever experienced. Grape candy on the inhale and earthy Sandlewood inscense on the exhale. Almost exactly like the Smell.

Effects: Very soaring, rushy, euphoric effect that is not at all edgey or uncomfortable. This medicine made me fill very “large” and floaty like a big baloon in the sky. Very long lasting with amellow easy comedown.

Potency: Very strong with pronounced psychedelic imagery and soaring,rushy body high. Not for the faint of heart, at least in the initial stages of the experience,before eventually (could be hours) the introspective mellow indica high takes over.

Buy Purple Haze | Purple Haze for sale | Purple Haze

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Purple Haze # 1 has its origins in Purple Thai , Haze and an unknown hybrid. Plant of great vigor and like Claustrum, of great internodal distance. It is a special beauty to see how the flowers acquire purple shades with shades ranging from violet to garnet.

Given its great vegetative vigor , Purple Haze grows tall and branched so it is not suitable for balconies. Indoors, it is recommended that it be quickly bloomed to avoid space problems.

Its aroma between incense and cinnamon is very peculiar.Su effect is sativa , fast and creative .

Culture Features of Purple Haze # 1

Organic farming systems: PH crec. 6 / PH flower. 6.8 / EC crec. 0.8-1ms / EC flower. 1.4-1.8ms
Hydroponic cultivation systems: PH crec. 5.8 PH flower. 6.2 / EC crec. 1.4-1.6ms / EC flower. 1.8-2ms


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